CHRISTOPHE IMBS: synthesizers, Fender Rhodes

FRANCESCO REES: drums, laptop

 “Listen to the music of polaroid3 with your eyes wide open. Follow the stream that weaves in the heart of the mountain without knowing where it will take you. Print each picture, each detail of the landscape in your retinal memory.

The trip-hop of polaroid3 can be watched as much as it can be listened to. Let the cristallin voice of christine clément be your guide. Whether the traversed lands are real or fantasised, small streams become great rivers.

Discover rivers, the first album of the trio and let it flow. Recorded with a string trio, you will hear the drums of francesco rees rumble. You will see the synthesizers of christophe imbs draw transversal pathways. Follow them all. You will be astonsihed…”

The 3 musicians of Polaroid3 created the band in 2011. Inspired by Portishead, Tricky or Laurie Anderson, the music of Polaroid3 is an alternative « trip- pop », songs with post-rock or new-wave accents.

After the release of its first self-produced E.P in 2012 (“Rebirth of Joy”, Label OH!), several tours in France and abroad, the creation of two performances (“Who pulls the strings?” + strings, 2014 / “Liquid Landscapes”, + video-mapping, 2016), Polaroid 3 released its first
album “Rivers”, in February 2017 (BloodyMary Music & Records/ In Ouïe Distribution, France). As soon as it was released, this album was particularly well acclaimed by the media. A new album is being prepared and will be released in 2019.

The band is supported by professional structures for diffusion and development:


Booking and management: BloodyMary Music & Records
Labels: Label OH! et BloodyMary Music & Records
Distrib: InOuïe Distribution
Press agency: La Centrifugeuse (Nicolas Favier) http://www.la-centrifugeuse.fr
Production/communication partner: Collectif Oh! http://www.collectifoh.com
Graphics, visuals, artistic direction: Philippe Savoir http://www.filifox.com

Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir
Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir
Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir
Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir
Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir
Crédit Photo: Philippe Savoir